Petit Club Med

Petit Club Med*

Babies aged from 2 to 3 years old will have a lively day at Petit Club Med®*, with a great range of activities including moments of entertainment, discovery and rest. * At extra cost.

Activities during the day

At Petit Club Med®*, your children's day is full of fun with a host of activities and entertainment, meals and moments of rest: early learning games to arouse their curiosity, Baby Gym or Gym for Little Ones (depends on the Resort) in the open air, a well-balanced lunch, nursery rhymes and naps, walks, tea time, watersports and much more. A super active holiday for little ones. * At extra cost.

Baby Gym or Gym for little ones

Jumping, rolling, climbing, hanging, throwing... Exploring new movements can be a fascinating experience! Children are divided into age groups. Available in a selection of Club Med Resorts.

Fun Activities

In many of its Resorts, Club Med creates customised activities to satisfy children's needs for discovering life in a fun way. From 3 years old, Petit Tennis gets the children acting out stories that teach them tennis in a totally relaxed way.

At the Baby Restaurant

A team of dedicated chefs devises perfectly balanced meals specially for babies' needs. Some Club Med Resorts have a Baby Restaurant, but not all. *At extra cost

Our Resorts with Petit Club Med®*

Many of our Sun and Ski Resorts have a Petit Club Med®*.
* At extra cost.

All our Resorts with a Petit Club Med®*